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Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.  Sai Baba




Welcome, my name is Wanda Miller.  I am an  RYT500 level, Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and a full teaching member of the International Yoga Teachers Association.

It is important for students well being to know a yoga teachers training and background so a little about that....My foundational and advanced trainings were experienced throughout the years, ashram style immersive, intensive, through SOYA (South Okanagan Yoga Academy).  SOYA is a traditional yoga school with an extensive knowledge base and an established history of training reputable and classical style yoga teachers of diverse paths and disciplines. 

In addition to my training I've certifications in Therapeutic Yoga

application from various inspiring educators and sprinkle those learnings throughout my classes, privates and retreats.   By nature I am a perpetual student and with that also a student of the Master Herbalist Program at Wild Rose College of Natural Healing.  Currently I offer yoga part-time and run a family business.

For Yoga Teachers:  I am a registered teacher trainer, so my workshops are eligible for CEU's (continuing education units) required for Yoga Alliance registration standards.  If you register for one, let me know ahead of time so I can provide you with a certificate for your credit hours.

Through yoga and meditation I have found life to be an amazing  journey of self discovery and expansion in which I am the exclusive designer.  I feel honored and excited to be here and to share my passion for yoga and holistic wellness in support of others looking to find greater ease and freedom in their lives.

I am grateful for all the people I've had share their knowledge with me, all kinds of knowledge, students, teachers/trainers, friends, on and off the mat, and for all of those yet to come.  Carpe Diem!














Additional to SOYA:


  • Wild Rose College of Natural Healing - Master Herbalist Program - current

  • Mount Royal University - Yoga Therapy Program

  • Pain Care Yoga Certification (Neil Pearson, PT, RYT)

  • Training Intensive - Functional Synergy Therapeutic Yoga, IAYT

  • Qi-Gong for Health & Healing, Lee Holden

  • Okido & Nakamura Certified (Yoga of the Old Masters)

       - Friedel Khattab

  • Yin Certified

  • Permaculture Design Certification - the 'yoga' of gardening

       - Pacific Permaculture, Denman Island , BC


Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength”. -Mahatma Gandhi-


Therapeutic Yoga is a customized, approach applying yoga techniques, breath practices, movement and still awareness to create a shift in life force energy or 'prana' for improvement of well being. This shift in energy creates movement towards less pain, greater strength, ease and

freedom in all areas of life.

The background of a specialized yoga teacher is diverse often with additonal experience and training in therapeutic yoga application and most often expertise in other modalites and professions such as; holistic nutrition, energy practices such as reiki and qi-gong as well as shamanic practices, ayurveda, doctors and practitioners of naturopathic, homeopathic, osteopathic and allopathic medicine, massage, physical, occupational and recreational therapists, psychologists and so on.


Every yoga teacher has a unique approach that is influenced by their personal experience of yoga and the other disciplines they have knowledge in.  I offer a gentle, intuitive, breath and movement based program, which combines an understanding of kinesiology/body mechanics, anatomy, physiology and the healing art of yoga in its various forms, to manage and often eliminate pain and tension, build strength, mobility and stability without rigidity.  


Whether you experience pain or mobility limitation, are an athlete wanting to get to the root of a nagging injury or someone simply wanting to explore options to further your overall wellness, the

programs and support offered here, can help you reach your goals.


Private sessions include personalized plans, loaded with tools and techniques to continue your progress at home at your own pace.  

Yoga can help with:
  • sports injuries & sciatica

  • pelvis, hip & back strain

  • fibromyalgia & regional pain

  • neck & shoulder constraints

  • neurological conditions

  • mobility limitations

  • insomnia

  • anxiety & fatigue

  • depression

  • migraine

  • chronic pain

  • arthritis 

  • heart disease

  • diabetes

  • hormone imbalance

Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or mental health condition.  Please check with your health care provider before beginning any program or class



find your center, your inner stillness, where true potential and healing dwells

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Therapeutic Package

(1@ 75 mins, 2 @ 60 mins)

3 Private Sessions,

+ 3 Custom Plans

$240 + GST

to be used within 3 months of purchase

Therapeutic Session

(75 mins)

1 Private Session,

+ 1 Custom Plan

$95 + GST

to be used within 3 months of purchase

* check with your benefit plan for potential insurance coverage *



Current Locations:


Origin Studio, Millet, Alberta (private studio, directions provided upon registration & payment)


Millet Community Hall5107 50 Ave, Millet, Alberta


Wetaskiwin Seniors Center, 5216 54 St, Wetaskiwin

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Gentle & Beginners Yoga


This class suitable for those looking for a gentle practice to increase mobility, balance, flexibility and overall strength while reducing stress and tension. Various meditation and breath practices will be introduced. This floor class is suitable for all levels including beginners.  Class length 75 mins.


Strength Flow Yoga


Tune into your breath, your prana, your source and grow your awareness to build strength and suppleness without building tension and rigidity. Find softness and fluidity in strength.  Meditation, pranayama, chakras, mudras and bandhas will be incorporated into this class. Moderate mobility required. Class length 75 mins. 

Yin & Restorative Fusion

A slow paced introspective style of yoga that is a great compliment to active life styles and is an effective tool to manage anxiety and stress.  This one of a kind class combines Yin, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga techniques to apply gentle stimulation to the tissues of the hips/pelvis, back and shoulders with the aim of improving the flexibility, mobility and stability of joints. Find greater nervous system tone and hormonal balance throughout.  Floor class. Class length 75 mins.

Yobata (vigorous) 


This class is from a page in my catalogue of personal practice favorites. It is a combination of yoga, tabata style format with kettle bells & dumbells.  In this dynamic class you will get a good sweat on while building strength and mobility, no matter where you're at!  This class includes centering/mediation, a yin bliss cool down and savasana of course.  Bring a hand towel and water!    Class length 60 mins.

Mom & Baby Yoga 


Bring your baby (not yet crawling) with you to explore yoga as you find your center and balance within again.  Connect with your baby in this gentle class to help bring back balance to pelvic floor, strengthen and tone overall.  Class length 60 mins.

Seniors Wellness Yoga

Yoga is a holistic wellness practice and with regular practice, can be especially beneficial as we age to help maintain our independence. This practice can help to improve balance, increase mobility and bone strength, while decreasing strain and stiffness.  Stay sharp and come explore this healing practice.  Gentle beginner classe suitable for most and is a combination of chair & standing poses.  A chair is always available to assist with support.  Contact me with any further inquiries or to register.


Better Back & Hips- Semi-custom Specialty Class 


If you experience back, neck, shoulder, hip, strain or tightness this gentle, therapeutic class can help you find more freedom and ease. This class will relieve tension and can often eliminate pain through therapeutic yoga techniques. Learn to move better by strengthening from the foundation for a stronger, more easeful body.  No yoga experience necessary.  Floor class.  Includes a semi-custom take home practice.


Pelvic Floor & Balance  - Semi-custom Specialty Class

This gentle practice will give you the tools to release tension and build supple strength within your pelvic floor and abdomen for better stability, confidence and organ support.  Learn techniques to improve overall balance and ease and grace.   No yoga experience necessary.  Floor & standing class.  Includes semi-custom take home practice.

Karma Yoga & Yoga for Special Populations


Classes offered in the spirit of giving back with 100% of the proceeds to non-profit organizaitons and/or to under served communities and populations. My time is donated to causes close to my heart and at my descretion.  Past Karma has included;  the Wetaskiwin Horizons Center, the Wetaskiwin Touchstone Clubhouse, the Millet Food Bank, Millet School, Griffith Scott Middle School and Samaritan's Purse Canada.


I am interested in working with communities such as these and see much benefit to the community as a whole when we are introduced to techniques that help us to operate from a more centered and balance place.


If you have a Karma Yoga idea for me, or would like to put together a funded program for special populations, contact me, I'd love to hear from you.


Workshops & Retreats

Restorative Bliss


Rejuvenate, recharge, with this therapeutic retreat designed to help the body and mind release in a gentle, way through the use of supported yoga poses, breath-work, meditation, and still awareness.  Restorative yoga helps to re-set the baseline of the nervous system, alleviating tension and stress, helping to balance hormone levels and reduce strain.  Reconnect with your inner rhythm and source of strength to find 

greater clarity and balance throughout. This is a floor class and is appropriate for all levels including beginners.

Yin & Therapeutic Fusion


This one-of-a- kind mini-retreat is a fusion of goodness for the body & soul.  A combination of Traditional Yin, Therapeutic Yoga, and Acupressure.  Come and be nourished as we work with cleansing and clearing the energy channels within the major organ and glandular systems to release strain, assist in clearing energetic blockages to finding greater hormonal balance, mobility and stability throughout.  This gentle floor class is appropriate for all levels including beginners.

Yin & Qi Gong


This unique offering will introduce you to systems specially designed to enhance the flow of energy throughout  organ and glandular systems though the use of visualization, breath-work and yoga asana/poses.  This is an opportunity to explore an alternate path to healing, tension and anxiety release through the ancient practice of Qi Gong, coupled with the synergistic pairing of Yin yoga.   Deeply introspective, this gentle floor class is appropriate for all levels including beginners.

Classic Yoga Intro Workshop 


Yoga is so much more than a physical practice.  This is an introduction to  the classical, holistic path of yoga and the foundation of yoga.  We'll touch on the 8 Limbs of Yoga and explore a gentle practice at an easeful and relaxed pace.  Different styles of yoga will be discussed so you can determine what might be most suitable for you.  


FAQs & Etiquitte


What should I bring?

Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle and hand towel if you like.  If you forget your mat, I do have some available to borrow.

What if I'm late?

Doors open 10 mins prior and classes start promptly.  On the off chance you are late please do not come in until you can see we are done our meditation and have started moving as to not disrupt the class.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable and easy to move in such as sweat pants or yoga pants, and a tank top or t-shirt.  Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet however you can certainly wear socks if you like.  If you choose to wear socks, I strongly recommend grippy socks (the kind with rubber circles on the bottom) to avoid slipping in standing poses. 


What if I miss a class?

Cancellation & Missed Class Policy:

If you are unable to make a registered class you may make up that class within the same time period/session you registered in, provided space is available, or you may 'gift' that class to a friend or family member to take your place (you can bring them with you to a class provided there is room).  Private & Semi-custom classes are exempt from this.  If you miss them they can not be 'gifted', refunded or made up.

Workshops and Retreats can be 'gifted' for the registered date, but not refunded or made up if missed.


Private sessions require 24hrs. notice of cancellation or the full session is charged.  


Registered classes, workshops and private sessions are non-refundable.


Be sure to inform me of any changes to your health,

any injuries you have, or conditions that might affect your practice.


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